About Us

As a leader in development and project management for the leisure and entertainment industry, Select Contracts succeeds with its turnkey process: Design -> Build -> Operate

Our clients are global with projects that span across all types of leisure, adventure and recreation. Our turnkey process allows us to be vertically integrated throughout the entirety of our projects. This means we take projects from concept through to completion, and furthermore into ongoing operation.

We are really proud of our turnkey solution to development; it has worked well since our inception in 1978. Our specialty in development includes but is not limited to:

Adventure Parks Surf Parks
Bike Parks Snow/Ski Facilities
Water Parks Family Entertainment Centres
Theme Parks

We have offices in Whistler, Dubai, UK, and most recently New Zealand, thereby allowing us to manage projects in all corners of the Globe very effectively.

For more information on how Select Contracts can add significant value to your project through expert consultation, please email info@selectcontracts.com.

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