Adventure Parks

An Adventure Park offers so much more than a theme park or water park due to their active nature. Nowadays, project target markets need to be wide open and parks need to be designed to attract the entire age range to enjoy both active and passive entertainment at one location.

Most attractions within adventure parks need to promote progression in sports & activities providing significant repeat visitation amongst visitors and the local community which in turn promotes an active lifestyle with such aerobic activity.

There must be a seamless experience between active and passive entertainment with many spectator opportunities from within projects and F&B areas. Watching people having fun in an exciting environment is addictive which will drive revenue.

Adventure Park components completely depend on the demographic and can include a host of activities such as surf pools, standing waves, whitewater rafting channels, canyoning, ski slopes, zip lines, rally driving experiences, ATV driving courses, climbing walls, bungee jumping, rapelling, horse riding, mountain coasters, air parks and canoeing. Adventure Parks can be man made on flat development lands, or can be based in the hills or mountains thereby maximizing use of the land.

We offer business and development services to handle all aspects of Adventure Parks and are recognized as the leaders in this industry with many projects in development around the world.

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