Surf Parks

With the uncertainty of waves in the ocean, we have been working with pioneers in the surf wave technology industry over the past few years. Waves can now be created to suit any ability at the switch of a button – every minute of every hour of every day of every year.

With surfing and the surf lifestyle being such an enormous industry, we offer business focused development services and create destinations with travelling surf waves, standing waves, skate parks, bars, restaurants, retail, conference facilities and nightclubs. These activities quickly allow a surf destination to have an operating envelope of potentially 21 hours a day in certain regions.

Working with the biggest names in the surfing industry and with all of the wave technology companies, we help clients choose the right technology for their specific application and have a number of surf parks under development right now. We are pleased to be at the cutting edge of this new and exciting surf park industry catering to the billions of dollars of surf lifestyle revenue that is spent around the world every year.

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