Bar, Montenegro Resort

Bar, Montenegro Resort
June 2008

Select Contracts have been appointed to establish a conceptual study and master plan for an eye-catching 190,000m2 seaside development on the beautiful coastline near Bar, Montenegro. The project will include a complete market study of the area as well as a conceptual master plan, renderings and a 10-year business plan for the development.

At the end of the first phase, the aim will be to identify the various individual elements which will best suit the location from an investment and tourism perspective, and to identify potential hotel and boutique resort operators for the site, which is expected to have at least three high-end hotels. Select Contracts will be actively searching for potential investors once the design work is complete.

Montenegro is an alluring country with unparalleled coastline and mountainous scenery, and together with a warm, friendly and vibrant population it makes for a fantastic travel destination. For the fourth consecutive year, Montenegro has been ranked among the world’s top three destinations in terms of forecast travel & tourism growth over the coming decade.

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