Development Management

With a set of detailed drawings and a financially and operationally viable project, our development management team will ensure that the management of the process on and off site is smooth and client friendly.

The first stage is to tender all construction and equipment supply aspects of the project to build the team to get the project open on time and on budget.

Time management is an extremely important element during the project build out phase. Constant supervision and monitoring of the onsite project management ensures that the project will run smoothly. In the event of a design change, the schedule is analyzed and modified in order to limit the impact on the overall schedule, ensuring the hand over is on time.

Cost management and value engineering is critical for any project, not only during the initial design stages but also during the onsite construction process. Alternative products and methods of construction are constantly explored in order to reduce overall costs whilst still meeting and exceeding client expectations.

The risk management process entails identifying construction risks and exposures, and formulating an effective risk management strategy to mitigate the potential for loss. In order to achieve this balance, proper risk identification and risk analysis is required.

Our development and project managers continuously monitor the onsite construction process and will be in regular contact with the client reporting on financial, schedule and general project particulars.

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