Whistler Sports Legacies: Bring on Summer

The Whistler Olympic Park, managed and operated by Whistler Sports Legacies (WSL), is one of Whistler’s most iconic leisure destinations for cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jump training facilities and base-boarding, the park’s newest family attraction. With Whistler’s visitor numbers in summer not showing any signs of  slowing down, WSL is looking to harness the best of summer to offer visitors something completely new with consultation from Select Contracts.

Because of its phenomenal 2010 Winter Olympic history, visitors think of the park primarily as a winter destination. Visitation to the park in the summer months has not been as high as winter visitation due to the lack of summer specific attractions at the park. Select Contracts has been brought on to assist WSL in designing the perfect summer attractions to reignite summer visitation.

With so much land, one would think it a simple task to put a new attraction anywhere on site, but the key with such a large property is to create a centralized hub to bring people together which helps create atmosphere and excitement. While the final selection of attractions are still under wraps, we can assure you that the newest attractions to come will not be like anything Whistler currently has to offer. Watch this space!

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