Surf ATL

December 21, 2023

Project Details: Surf ATL is a surf park development located near Atlanta Georgia.    The Brief: Select Contracts was engaged to perform a Market Study, provide recommendations for suitable components to include in the development, and produce a financial plan for the surf park.   How Did We Help: The market study that we produced…

Utah resort development

Utah Resort Development

December 21, 2023

Project Details: The project is located on a 1,600-acre site in Southern Utah and it will be the region’s only smart Lifestyle Resort Community, where high-end amenities, outdoor lifestyle and work-anywhere-in-the-world merge into a common place.   How Did We Help: In a project with so many great amenity inclusions already in development, Select Contracts’…

Surf Park Development

Orange County Surf Park

October 6, 2022

Project Details:  This surf park project, located in Orange County, California, envisions a thriving mix of local public and paid recreation opportunities, with a travelling, man-made surf pool as the main attraction in one of the precincts.   How Did We Help: Select Contracts’ specialized knowledge of the leisure and recreation industry allows unique and…

Cannon Ball

October 6, 2022

Project Details:  This project involved close collaboration with the local Native American tribe to introduce cycling infrastructure with the goals to improve the mental and physical health and well-being of the residents of Cannon Ball and to share the history and cultural stories with visitors, helping to shed light on injustices and gain an understanding…

Hamilton Community Hub

February 4, 2022

Project Details: This project is a proposed 62ha mixed-use development that is set to transform this northern gateway into a vibrant residential community hub and the region’s active recreation destination hub through a mix of high-quality medium density residential housing, river links, tourism activities and adventure and leisure activities.   How Did We Help: Select…

Bundaberg Marina Development

March 3, 2022

Project Details: This harbour development, located in the Bundaberg Region, will include marina facilities, a storm safe harbour, residential and short-term accommodation, conferencing facilities, retail, F&B and recreational facilities.   How Did We Help: Select Contracts’ specialized knowledge of the leisure and recreation industry allows unique and valuable insight into attractions that would cater to…

Whistler Multi-Sport Facility

April 5, 2022

Project Details: The Whistler Multi-Sport Facility will be a world-class 4-season training facility catering to ski, snowboard and bike athletes with a focus on Olympic training. The facility will include an airbag jump training zone, trampolines for air awareness training, a winter terrain park, and a collection of attractions suitable for a broader range of…

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

July 9, 2021

Project Details: Developing the summer operations for a world-class ski resort to create year-round activities. How Did We Help Select Contracts undertook substantial Market Research to understand both the winter and summer markets to create a unified vision for year-round operations. A Four-Season Strategic Plan was developed that included thematic zones surrounding the resort’s four…

Squamish Canyon

July 9, 2021

Project Details: Squamish Canyon is a purpose-driven destination that provides much-needed space for locals and visitors of all ages to enjoy year-round outdoor activities safely. How Did We Help: Select Contracts has been involved throughout the project’s life cycle on its way to final approval and construction, working with the client on public and council…

Arkansas Bike Park

February 4, 2022

Project Details: This year-round bike park project includes lift-accessed downhill bike trails, skills progression zones, on-mountain dining, a sightseeing lookout, a zipline, and an independent indoor riding centre.   How Did We Help: Select Contracts’ bike park operational experience and experience in producing Master Plans for dedicated lift-accessed bike parks provided valuable knowledge that helped…

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