Kelly Slater Wave Company


California, USA, January 2011— Select Contracts, have been signed as the preferred design, build and operating partner for the revolutionary new surf parks created by the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

Kelly Slater is the 10-time World Champion Surfer with 45 ASP World Tour wins and is one of the most influential athletes in history. He is both the youngest and oldest person to win a world championship and People Magazine once quoted “There’s Kelly Slater…then there’s everybody else.” Kelly created the vision for the Kelly Slater Wave Company to strive towards making a perfect endless wave, just like he strived to become the 10-time World Champion — and he has succeeded.

The Kelly Slater Surf Park is a completely innovative vision in entertainment — a man made surf park where the main attraction is a never-ending perfect wave in a fully controlled and safe environment for anyone to surf on. It is not solely about surfing— the park is designed as an experience based around surf culture and lifestyle with dining, bars, pool clubs, standing waves, corporate entertainment and retail. This design maximizes the experience and targets the entire market. The parks will become a transformative destination to play, relax, host, enjoy and never forget. The Kelly Slater Surf Park is a facility that can be built anywhere and can provide a potential operating envelope of 18 hours per day, 365 days of the year! The wave park is a destination with multiple revenue generators including a strong corporate offering.

Chris Sutton, CEO of Select Contracts, said “To work with an iconic figure on such an innovative project is incredible. The Kelly Slater Wave Company has some exceptional scientists, engineers, businessmen and surfers committed to sharing an authentic surfing experience set within the ultimate surf lifestyle destination. It is an opportunity to partner with the most experienced and trusted brand in surfing, with industry dominant technology and a rewarding integrated surf park business methodology. Select Contracts are able to bring this dream to reality and create a leisure and entertainment destination like no other.”

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