12 Apostles Experience


Melbourne, AUS


Project Details: 

The 12 Apostles in Australia has long been a famous natural wonder, drawing over 2 million tourists each year from around the world. This project brings us to a stunning property nearby where we have reimagined the existing infrastructure and landscape to bring a highly immersive and interpretive 12 Apostles experiential attraction.


How Did We Help: 

Select Contracts’ operational experience allowed us to approach this attraction design from a position that maximizes efficiency while enhancing the overall guest experience.


The Brief:

Select Contracts was engaged to produce a conceptual design and business plan for an experience that will attract visitors from the local coastal attractions. The experience needed to include educational and storytelling components with a strong focus on the local surroundings.


Our Approach:

Through careful analysis of the visitor market and the typical constraints of their time spent in the area, we were able to calculate the ideal time spent within the experience and appropriate walking distances between each zone. This information was used to calculate the expected throughput of the experience and informed the overall business planning of the project.


The Result:

The 12 Apostles experience will be a walk-through discovery that depicts the ecological history and surrounding landscape through imaginative and interactive storytelling. Visitors are invited to take a walk through 12 unique zones that follow a linear pathway. Each zone is marked at its entrance by a limestone Apostle monolith which is carved into the landscape, marked by an icon to symbolize its own identity.


Each space, identified as stations, will have its own narrative that conveys a sense of place and heritage. There will be theatrical mechanisms, interactive displays and sensory engaging elements that amuse and delight the senses along the way, offering a layered experience to delight both passive and active guests.