Arkansas Bike Park


Arkansas, USA


Project Details:

This year-round bike park project includes lift-accessed downhill bike trails, skills progression zones, on-mountain dining, a sightseeing lookout, a zipline, and an independent indoor riding centre.


How Did We Help:

Select Contracts’ bike park operational experience and experience in producing Master Plans for dedicated lift-accessed bike parks provided valuable knowledge that helped prove the financial models for the Gravity Park and IRC and design both attractions in a way that will be financially self-sufficient and sustainable.


The Brief:

Select Contracts was engaged to perform a Market Study, Conceptual Design and Business Planning for the Gravity Park and Indoor Riding Center. As planning on the town center, accommodations and other amenities were already underway (by others), the main scope was to consider and respond to the overall fit within the development.


Our Approach:

We undertook an extensive research process to determine the demographics of the regional market, with a focus on the level of mountain bike ridership existing in the market and assessed their spending power and the likelihood and level of willingness to pay for mechanical uplift services. We also analyzed the domestic and international visitor markets currently travelling in the region and the potential to drive new visitors with the proposed project.

We then researched and analyzed the local competitor market with a broad scope of adventure and leisure options. The wider US competitor market for bike parks and other key mountain bike holiday destinations was also assessed.


The Result:

This research allowed us to make highly feasible recommendations for a mix of attractions, including cycling and other adventure or leisure activities and attractions that would be well suited to this specific market.