Bald Hill



Project Details:

Bald Hill is an underutilized, 120ha reserve in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia. 60ha of the reserve is currently managed by the local council who have undertaken regenerative planting with local tree species, creating a great environmental asset and providing suitable habitat for native birds and animals.


How Did We Help:

Select Contracts utilized their international capabilities and experience in Leisure and Attraction developments and applied that lens across the Bald Hill Reserve in Bacchus Marsh. The development of an indicative business case enabled the client to understand the “Highest and Best Use” of the site and the most appropriate corporate & commercial delivery vehicle to implement any development plans for the site in a relatively short period of time.


The Brief:

Select Contracts was engaged in 2020 to assess the development opportunities on the Council-owned Bald Hill site in Bacchus Marsh.


Our Approach:

We approached this indicative business case by investigating ‘What Success Looks Like’ for the site. We provided a range of development options, each one analyzed at a high level for capital and operating costs, forecasted commercial returns and how they could be funded and delivered/owned/operated.


The Result: 

The site provides enviable opportunities for MSC to grow their Shire’s recreation and domestic tourism assets that in turn may provide substantial economic and social benefits to the Shire/region. The development options presented provided a diverse mix of commercial, social, economic and environmental outcomes and benefits.

In addition to the business case, we also provided high-level bulk and location master plans for each development option to ensure the proposed components of each development could be scaled on the site and would work synergistically with each other.