CyberDome Crystal Maze / CC2000


Southhampton, UK; Maidenhead, UK; Oakwood Leisure Park, UK; Coventry, UK; Kuwana, Japan; Honmoku, Japan; Dubai, UAE


Project Details: 

CC 2000 is an entertainment centre in Wales for which Select Contracts provided a complete turnkey solution. The building contained a failing standalone bar which was redeveloped to include a 12-lane bowling alley, an arcade zone, a bar and restaurant and a Crystal Maze Attraction.


How Did We Help: 

Select Contracts used their experience in developing leisure attractions while working with The Crystal Maze to convert the Channel 4 TV show into a successful public attraction.


The Brief:

Select Contracts was initially engaged in 1990 to develop an attraction in Pembrokeshire, Wales based on the popular British TV show, The Crystal Maze which aired from 1990 to 1995. Following the success of this attraction, Select Contracts developed 5 additional venues in the UK, Japan and Dubai.


Our Approach:

Due to the niche market for the Crystal Maze attraction, CC2000 was envisioned with several strong anchor attractions which helped to draw in a wider demographic and make the venue a success.


The Result:

The Crystal Maze portion of this attraction was a 3,000sqft space containing four themed areas; medieval, futuristic, Aztec and ocean with ambient audio and lighting. The experience was a combination of computer base and active challenges with a range of difficulty levels which provided guests with exceptional replay value. 

The Pembrokeshire venue continued to operate for 15 years after its opening in 1990.