Aviation Attraction


Masterton, New Zealand


Project Details:

The Aviation Attraction will house several one-of-a-kind historical artifacts including WWI planes. It will be a fully interactive experience, using modern technology to tell the stories of the planes, war and other relevant inclusions.


How Did We Help:

Select Contract’s extensive experience consulting in the New Zealand leisure, recreation and adventure sectors allowed us to provide valuable insight into the existing market.


The Brief:

Select Contracts was engaged to analyze the market for tourism and interactive education-based experiences in the project’s surrounding region and draw market areas.


Our Approach:

Select Contracts approached this project by first defining the concept for the interactive, educational experience based on modern benchmarks from around the World. This definition allowed us to effectively study the market demographics and cross-sector competition analysis.

We also studied the visitor market travelling to Masterton and Wellington, including typical travel paths north-south on the North Island of New Zealand in order to estimate the total potential market for the project. This contributed to determining the viability of the project and identifying options for attracting day trip visits from Wellington residents and tourists.


The Result:

This detailed market analysis allowed us to estimate the total visitation potential of the project and determine the ideal mix of project inclusions and design considerations in order to lead to the optimum outcomes of experience and financial feasibility. We also provided several cutting-edge ideas for technology implementation which will lead to some of the most seamless and richest interactive experiences ever seen in a museum setting.