Orange County Surf Park


California, USA


Project Details: 

This surf park project, located in Orange County, California, envisions a thriving mix of local public and paid recreation opportunities, with a travelling, man-made surf pool as the main attraction in one of the precincts.


How Did We Help:

Select Contracts’ specialized knowledge of the leisure and recreation industry allows unique and valuable insights into developments such as surf parks which are often difficult to quantify due to a lack of industry standards and benchmarks.


The Brief:

Select Contracts was engaged to perform a Market Study, Conceptual Design and Business Planning for the surf park portion of the development. The objective was to evaluate the market demographic and determine suitable component inclusions.


Our Approach:

To produce the Market Study we researched the demographics of the regional market, with a focus on resident surf participation and assessed the likelihood and level of willingness to pay to use a surf pool. We also analyzed the domestic and international visitor markets currently travelling in the region and the potential to drive new visitors with the proposed project.

We then researched and analyzed the local competitor market with a broad scope of adventure and leisure options. The local beaches and surf breaks as well as the wider US competitor market for surf parks were also assessed.


The Result:

The market summary formed the basis for decisions made in selecting the project component mix as well as informing key variables in the business case. The resulting components were specifically tailored to meet the needs of a thriving surf community, offering unique supporting attractions that will appeal to beginner and experienced surfers alike.