Project Details: 

Select Contracts was engaged to create a Four-season development plan that focused on delivering short-term “wins” for the summer product while laying the foundation for long-term strategic planning for year-round operations.

How Did We Help: 

By facilitating a ‘Summer Ideation Session’ we were able to bring together senior team members at Palisades Tahoe to identify the unique differences between the resort’s summer and winter audience, establish clear goals, and align the team’s vision for the four-season development moving forward.

The Brief:

The scope of this Four-Season Development Plan included an assessment of the current situation of the resort’s operations to establish strengths, weaknesses, and areas of potential growth. Utilizing the knowledge gained from this assessment and the Summer Ideation Session we were able to provide recommendations for a mix of components that were specially tailored to meet the needs of the summer audience that was identified.