Project Details:

Squamish Canyon is a purpose-driven destination that provides much-needed space for locals and visitors of all ages to enjoy year-round outdoor activities safely.

How Did We Help:

Select Contracts has been involved throughout the project’s life cycle on its way to final approval and construction, working with the client on public and council engagement strategy, business model forecasting and operational planning. In addition, we led the project’s design, including master planning of the boardwalk, events space, forest lounge F&B and playspace, and parking and services.

The Brief:

The client had a strong vision of an incredibly powerful sightseeing and interpretive experience set in a stunning forest and river canyon site. The design needed to be simple enough to be cost-effective but still pack a punch from an experiential standpoint and hold high value for the end guests. The delivery of the final vision requires numerous stages over many years.

Our Approach:

The initial site walk allowed us to get inside the project founder’s head to understand their vision. Next, we modelled an entire business case while designing the attraction to meet targets at different buildout stages, from the initial offering to completion. Finally, Select Contracts worked with the client to develop the lowest impact project to allow the forest environment to thrive with minimal disruption and ongoing impacts from guests and other land users.

The Result:

This incredible outdoor adventure entails walking over breathtaking waterfalls, along the edges of glorious canyons and deep into the lush green temperate rainforests preserving our ecosystems.

Select Contracts is currently involved in Business Planning, Schematic and Detailed Design and Marketing. The pre-development planning for the canyon boardwalk and forest tour experience includes a Food & Beverage outlet and a children’s discovery play area with phased development options.

City Council has approved this project, and it is currently in the investment phase. Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date.