Utah Resort Development


Utah, US


Project Details:

The project is located on a 1,600-acre site in Southern Utah and it will be the region’s only smart Lifestyle Resort Community, where high-end amenities, outdoor lifestyle and work-anywhere-in-the-world merge into a common place.


How Did We Help:

In a project with so many great amenity inclusions already in development, Select Contracts’ role was to closely consider the target market and provide recommendations for additional activities that would appeal to the demographic and complement the current amenity mix. 


The Brief:

Select Contracts was engaged in 2022 to produce a Market Study and Component Matrix for a resort development in Southern Utah.


Our Approach:

To produce the Market Study we researched all available resident and visitor data in order to identify the market size and opportunities present, as well as investigate any potential site conditions that could provide opportunities for exciting component inclusions.

We investigated all “competitors” that we defined as any substitute activities and pursuits that the target market(s) may choose as an alternative for their time and leisure spending dollars. In addition, we provided a selection of relevant case studies that highlight the market demand for experiences similar to those suggested in the component matrix.


The Result:

The component recommendations provided by Select Contracts have a diverse positioning on the thrill vs. skill matrix.