Whistler Olympic Park



How Did We Help:

Select Contracts’ comprehensive knowledge of Whistler’s existing market and specialized knowledge of the leisure and recreation industry provided unique and valuable insights.


The Brief:

Select Contracts was engaged in 2016 to complete the market research, conceptual design and business planning for a new leisure aspect for Whistler Olympic Park. The primary focus was to expand the summer activity offering for year-round operations.


Our Approach:

We collated and analyzed information concerning the leisure, recreation, and more specifically the visitor market in Whistler as is pertinent to the site. Where useful we also provided case studies that demonstrated best practices in the field.


The Result:

Using this information we made recommendations on potential attractions to include on the site. The knowledge base gained from the market study informed the design team and the business planning process. The resulting attraction recommendations are high-quality, unique and commercially viable concepts that are well suited for the location.