Xi-an Indoor Entertainment Centre


Xi-an, China


Project Details: 

The Xi-an Indoor Entertainment was the first location selected for the global expansion of the planned Toronto Indoor Entertainment Centre (link). 


How Did We Help: 

With intimate knowledge of the flagship project and the distinct needs of the client, Select Contracts was able to effectively assess the proposed location and produce a conceptual design that would effectively accommodate the desired attractions while ensuring an operationally efficient venue.


The Brief:

Select Contracts was engaged to complete the conceptual design for an indoor entertainment centre located in Xi’an, China that would be consistent in branding and experience to the client’s flagship venue planned for Toronto, Canada.


Our Approach:

As this project involved the retrofit of an existing building, the primary consideration was to determine suitable placements for the core attractions that would not conflict with the existing structure of the building. Once these positions were ascertained and the required egress routes were identified, we began the process of laying out the components that were critical to the operational function of the venue and those that would produce the unique experience that the client is well known for.


The Result:

The Xi’an venue included the same components that had been established in the Toronto site including; their custom parkour attraction, aerial silks learning area, children’s play equipment, a craft area, and carefully curated themed activities and spaces.