Business Planning & Concept Design

Business Planning & Concept Design

The business planning & concept design phase completely defines what a project is and commences with a market study, conducted in-house, which will form the basis for which the business case is established. From there, the findings of the report are calculated to see the types of revenue achievable from the target demographic which will then provide a capital expenditure from which to base the rest of this phase. Armed with a proposed capital expenditure the component matrix is formulated and is on budget. In turn, it supports the justifications for the business plan.

Once the fundamentals of the business plan are established and developed a set of conceptual drawings are created (designed to budget). The drawings include a conceptual block master plan and footprints of the overall project, including specific renderings of key areas with intentions of the overall design. The brand development is crucial to the identity of the development and this commences at this stage of the project.

A draft timeline for the development through the various phases will be interlinked closely with the business plan and once the entire concept is completed, a document will be produced that forms the basis of all presentations to potential investors and stakeholders of the project.

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