Select Contracts offers unrivaled experience and expertise to offer a complete service package for all stages and sizes of project.   We pride oourselves on being a vertically integrated organization capable of providing all the services necessary to take projects from inception to development. Select Contracts also has experience as an owner, operator, and manager of a variety of active entertainment ventures. This provides a first-hand perspective of what it takes to be successful in the “real” world.

market study, financial modelling & master planning

operational schematic design

project advisory services

pre-opening management

operations management


From initial market studies and concept design through to full “turn-key” solutions, we bring the same guiding principles to every level of the project.

Objective Alignment

Every project, every client has distinct objectives and opportunities to achieve them. We are diligent in ensuring that there is complete alignment of objectives from the outset.


A commonplace claim to be sure. However, Select Contracts’ years of experience and expertise in the active entertainment sector provide a wealth of data and knowledge on which to build effective solutions.


As an operating company as well as a design/build company, Select Contracts understands how to develop solutions that yield the greatest returns with the least investment.


We know how critical this is. Select Contracts has a proven track record of bringing in projects, large and small, on time and on budget.


Being a vertically integrated organization means that Select Contracts can be involved in projects on virtually any level.


Our specialized knowledge of the leisure and recreation industry allows unique and valuable insights, particularly into sectors that are often difficult to quantify due to a lack of industry standards and benchmarks. The market study forms the basis for the project component mix and concept creation and informs critical business case variables.

Without the market study complete, many project variables and design decisions cannot have strong backing and rationale. Therefore, it is a vital step in any project’s development. The market study includes:

The site analysis considers all the relevant aspects of the project site and surrounding geography related to consumer access and overall suitability.

Local population and spending power are assessed from various angles, including the health of the local economy, cost of living and income, and expenditure patterns where possible. The demographic analysis will uncover the suitability based on the appropriate driving radii of the local market.

Like the resident market analysis, this section focuses on the project’s market potential from the area’s existing domestic and international visitor markets. We identify overall visitation volume trends, spending habits, trip purposes, and motivations.

Understanding competitive offerings within the market is essential. The competitor analysis takes a wide-angle view of the market and considers how the project’s target market may choose to spend its money and what level of pricing the market can achieve.

Information uncovered by the market study, including demographic base, visitor market volume, and participation rates in relevant activities to the project, are fed into a specifically designed model to estimate the attendance potential for the project.

Using the data from the market study, we create a preliminary ten-year financial plan for projects to include cash flows and ROIs. The financial plan will address:

Initial Capex budget using estimates for building and construction costs, each of the main component elements, equipment costs, professional services, installation, and pre-opening expenditure.

We prepare draft budgets with estimates for staffing, consumables, marketing, repairs and renewals, and budgets for the main operating costs from the day of opening onwards.

The draft revenue plan will outline the anticipated revenues of the project from opening as determined by the component matrix.

We predict ten-year cash flows as part of the financial assessment along with our suggested capital structure for projects.

Once the market study is complete, the next step is to use that research to create a full Component Matrix/Programme mix to determine what should be included. This matrix will identify the space devoted to each element of the project and will consist of a block plan to show how the components could be laid out. It will outline the best mix of facilities and attractions based on the market findings and demographics.

Master Planning is typically conducted in conjunction with our Market Study and Financial Modelling services. The Master Planning phase utilizes our extensive 45+ years of design experience to outline what a project should include and how it should be laid out based on its needs. The master plan will identify the key components and areas to be incorporated into the mix with the suggested allocation of space for each element and will be designed with an operational eye to ensure operational capability from the outset. We also create artistic renderings for the project to show the intentions of the overall theme. These are full-colour drawings suitable for presentations and will include all aspects of the project.


Schematic Design builds upon the foundation set by the Component Matrix and Conceptual Master Plan. It involves the careful translation of the project’s programmatic needs into the computer- generated site, attraction, and building layouts that have been refined for functionality, usability, required adjacencies, code compliance, security, safety, and aesthetics. We can develop highly operationally efficient designs by working closely with the business plan to establish critical operational requirements.


  • 3D Modelling & Renderings
  • Attractions Detailing

  • Lighting Design, Indicative Power Requirements and layouts

  • AV requirements

  • Landscape plans & details

  • Materials & Finishes Schedules

  • Signage Plans & Design

  • Theming design

  • Detailed Design

  • Construction Drawings

The purpose of this phase is to come up with an operationally efficient layout and establish the look and feel of the project for the client to deliver to their chosen architect for more detailed construction drawings.

We combine best design practices with creative vision to create one-of-a-kind projects. Each project is unique, so we work closely with the client to explore options and design solutions that work on every level. Our extensive operational experience feeds into the design process so that your vision not only looks good on paper but is practical in reality, creating memorable guest or end-user experiences.


Once a project has progressed through the Master Planning and Operational Conceptual Design phases, we can engage in a Project Advisory Service to help bring the project to reality. These services are custom-tailored to fit the needs of your project and can involve project coordination and strategic advice for your team and collaboration with developers and operators to ensure the end product meets your expectations and is optimized for a seamless experience for your guests.

By staying involved in the project after its design, and through construction to the opening, we can ensure maximum value to the client. We operate in a unique industry with few specialist operators, so it’s important to maintain contact throughout this process to ensure no changes during development are made to the project design without careful consideration involving expert knowledge.

Other Advisory Services also include:

  • Service Provider Analysis
  • Tendering
  • Equipment Selection
  • Continued consulting with the architect on operational needs.


As part of the advisory services, we can also help with financial advisory. Our financial models are designed to be taken directly to investors (either debt or equity) and we can design the model to specifically suit your needs. As a specialist in the outdoor/recreation industry we can make introductions to investors in this niche market and, if needed, answer questions during investor presentations.

Getting unique outdoor recreation projects off the ground always comes with challenges and it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded, qualified experts who share your vision and passion. We can help select your board of advisors to make sure the quality, qualifications, and diverse balance of your board are right for you and your project.


As the project progresses through development and construction, our standard operating procedure is to start Pre-Opening Management concurrently with the primary construction phase. Starting this phase early allows for a successful opening after construction completion, smooth operation from day one, and overall project success. Pre-Opening Management guides the operational success of construction and value engineering decisions as they lead to the final product’s financial, safety, and guest experience outcomes. The following is a sample of the tasks and processes the team is responsible for:

  • Management and staff recruitment, training, the establishment of personnel procedures and employee manuals

  • Sourcing staff accommodation where necessary

  • Design and tendering of the POS system to meet project requirements

  • Brand development, including corporate image, advertising standards, and uniform development

  • Setting up administrative and operational systems

  • Creation of corporate structure and lines of duty/reporting

  • Advertising and marketing strategy and implementation plans for both launch and initial operations

  • Develop a complete set of operating manuals and SOPs, including financial controls, safety plans, evacuation procedures, maintenance plans, staff training, etc.

  • Leading insurance tendering and documentation requirements to ensure the proper coverages are in place for the client’s risk tolerance while getting the best overall rates

  • Development of a corporate event strategy and a sales team to structure appropriate events for the business


There are a variety of options when it comes to the ongoing management of our client’s projects. Each project is unique, and the operational elements will vary significantly. We have the resources and ability to manage the ongoing operations of any leisure, adventure, or recreation project. We can oversee all or individual parts of the project post-opening including financial, operational, technical, and maintenance management.

Typically, in a full-scope Operations Management agreement, we are responsible for all aspects of the staffing, management, marketing and promotion, site audits, financials, and safety. We will be in complete control of the entire operation. The owners are only required to convene for meetings to evaluate performance and agree on budgets on a schedule agreed upon beforehand. The value to our clients is that we bring years of experience in recreation and leisure operations management, applying the strategies that have helped build success in multiple projects around the world.

We can also perform an operations audit for existing businesses in the recreation, leisure, and adventure industry to uncover issues and/or inefficiencies leading to subpar performance. Typical discoveries include cost levels outside of standard benchmarks, inefficient staffing levels, safety oversights, and new revenue streams during this process. After an operations audit, we can help implement change through an Operations Management or Limited Management role.