South Australia: Adventure Park & Bike Park


Mountain biking is exploding in popularity all over the world, so it’s no surprise that a South Australian client sought Select Contracts out to design a bike park with additional adventure attractions.

A unique opportunity arose for this particular client when a piece of property with excellent terrain, elevation and features for an adventure park became available. By taking an in-depth look at the regional and visitor market, we came up with the most suitable mix of skills-based attractions, thrill rides and sightseeing experiences.

Why skills-based attractions?

We’re going to answer this question with more questions- have you ever visited a theme park before? How many times did you go on a particular ride? We’re going to assume one or two times maybe. More if you’re a fanatic. The classic theme park model is destined to be an experience enjoyed once or twice before the average person has exhausted the venue’s offering. Often resulting in decrease in return visits. Skills-based attractions are those that require some level of physical or mental skill of which a person can improve on each time they visit. Bike parks, surf parks and even Escape rooms are great examples of these. It’s important to have a mix of skills-based and entertainment-based attractions to cast the widest net on your market. It is not as simple as this however. Design is a crucial factor in making the operation of your attraction a success. Do this wrong and you could have a very unattractive clash of attractions.